Political Brief


Background Information

The issue on whether students in public schools and higher institutions should get laptops from the government has continued to dominate political debates over the last few years. While there many reasons why students should be exposed to technology, even starting from grade one, educational research is yet to convincing consensus on the extent in which personal laptops improve learning. Although opponents on the issue of introducing laptops to high school students argue that personal computers may be distractors for effective learning, it is undeniable that the world of technology is changing very fast, and thus it is the highest time that contemporary students are exposed to the use of technology.



Research and write your choice of one of the following professional writing tasks:
1. A persuasive opinion piece for an identified newspaper or online publication.
Opinion pieces for the mainstream media are usually 400-800 words, so write to
length and include a 200-300 word report on the research you conducted for the
piece. Example: Crikey.com is running a serious of articles on Generation Y’s

disengagement with the mainstream media and political process. Write a well-
researched opinion piece demonstrating that the opposite is true because statistics

show Gen Y is the most politically engaged generation in Australian history.
2. Identify a non-profit organisation with a need for a crisis or issues management
plan to communicate key messages in a crisis. Include five key messages to be
communicated and five key stakeholders to be targeted using different
communication methods such as direct mail or email, mainstream media, phone
calls, face to face meetings, e-bulletin, media release or others deemed
appropriate. Example: The Red Cross Blood Bank is informed that overnight at
least 10 blood donors may have been injected with contaminated needles.
Every media outlet in Queensland wants a comment from the CEO. Design a 48-
hour communication plan and five key messages to be communicated.
3. Locate an awards program that is relevant to an organisation you are familiar
with, obtain a copy of the relevant application forms and research and complete
the award application. Examples of awards that could be entered include, but are
not limited to: Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards, Australian of the Year,
The Human Rights Medal, or more local awards such as the Australian Local
Hero Award.
4. Research and write a political brief on an issue that is current and of your
choosing and is directed to an identified political representative. Write the brief
on an identified policy or legislative change or action, ideally on the current
political agenda, but new issues and actions are acceptable. For example: students
might write a brief on why every university student in Australia should get a
laptop as well as every high school student.