Policy memo


writing policy memo ( somelike analysis a case )


Since Medicare was introduction in the 1960s, it has been critical in providing healthcare coverage for Americans, especially for the aged.  In reality, the burden of medical care for the aged could have been worse for individuals and their families without the Medicare. Medicare has position the government to be in the forefront in providing medical care for the aged citizens.  Since it was established, Medicare has undergone several amendments in efforts to make it better and to respond to the arising needs of the citizens. However, it has also been made a campaign tool every general election. While playing politics with the health of the citizens is a foray to the well being and intelligent of Americans, it is important to understand that Medicare was itself a political program and it is only through politics that it can be amended. In light of this, this policy memo want to look the issue of prescription drug benefit in Medicare and how it can help aged Americans to cope with the rising drug cost, an amendment that can only be made through a political process.