Police Corruption


This assignment examines police corruption, including different types & forms of corruption. Unfortunately you will find lots of research information & example of police corruption.This assignment addresses police corruption from the textbook and research, including but not limited to: difficulties controlling police corruption, finding of different police commissions, specific forms of corrupt behavior, and preventing corruption.

Please include the reference from my text book which is:
• Lyman, M. The Police: An Introduction. 4th edition, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
• ISBN-10: 0-13-500566-3
• ISBN-13:978-0-13-500566-8
Research references may come from the World Wide Web, library, other textbooks, individuals currently employed or retired from the criminal justice system, and other valid resources. All research references must be listed with each assignment. Research references must identify the specific web site from which information was obtained. Listing a generic web site is not acceptable such as www.goggle.com, www.expedia.com etc. The dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia, are not acceptable research references. : Each week you are expected to complete a two-page (double spaced) essay on an assigned research topic. Research references must be included.
Here is the grading rubric:
Grading Rubric for the Dropbox Assignment
Criteria Description Points
Content The essay develops a central point, idea, or thesis that is clearly defined and supported by concrete substantial and relevant evidence. The body of the essay depicts that you have read and clearly understand the material from the textbook and can synthesize information from your additional resources. 16
Organization The essay is organized in paragraphs that are unified, coherent, and effective, with transitions between ideas. The sentences are correctly constructed, logical and complete. The essay must be two pages, double spaced. 2
Research References are appropriately listed. Information from multiple research sites will provide a more complete understanding of the topic. 2
Total 20


Police corruption is a very complex phenomenon that cannot be understood through simple analysis (Lyman, 2008). It is a major problem that already affects each and every citizen and will continue to affect the whole country as long as it exists. Although different aspects and forms of corruption have changed, one aspect that has not changed is that corruption still exists and new forms of police corruption are emerging. Police corruption can therefore be defined as a form of police misconduct that is designed to give financial  benefits, personal gains, or career advancement  for individual police officers or for their friends, in exchange of nor pursuing, investigating or arresting. Police corruption is not a problem that has been left to go unabated as there are a number of strategies that have been implemented to deal with the problem but their effectiveness is questionable. Considering the amount of efforts that have been directed towards fighting police corruption, it is evident that it will require the will of individual police officers to change in order to mitigate the problem.