police and gun


the purpose of this assignment is 1- engage the public on controversy or debate subject 2- explore the debate by acknowledging or recognizing the opposing argument refuting it 3-assert a strong case for the argument by using personal experience and anecdotes and help you find your voice as a writer .


this is the essay ;

Police and guns

Should the police carry guns, or not? As we know a lot of useful things have a dark side ,Some people reject these things because of the dark side . some people say that police officers should not carry a gun because some of them which is a few number of them misuses a gun and commit big mistakes in my opinion to protect others from criminals you must be more powerful than the criminals so the police should be carrying a gun unless the use it in the wrong way.

Police do not need to carry guns for general duty . I wondered what kind of threat this police officer thought he would encounter in the general duty, Sometimes in police arrests it is possible that the criminal might use the officer’s gun . If the police confront an armed offender in what is the rationale in escalating that confrontation to a gunfight in suburbia? Discharging a handgun in a suburban environment poses significant risks to bystanders and is a situation to be avoided at all costs.

Second of necessity Police used guns to protect themselves and others from criminals and gangs. As we all know that the guns a basic thing in the lives of gangs and criminals ,So It is important for the police to carry guns, Also to be able to maintain security and control of the gangs and criminals. As we know that police officers are trained to use the gun to reduce the proportion of mis also they are careful in the use of gun and always be a last resort .

Third the gun is not only a danger to others now, nearly half of all injuries caused by police shootings are the result of officers blasting themselves or a colleague, often during bungled training and demonstrations. Since 2003, there have been seven incidents in which armed police injured themselves or a fellow officer due to the careless handling of a gun, compared to just four in the previous 12 years. Figures obtained from 29 forces reveal that from January 2003 to September 2007 there were 21 members of the public killed or injured in operational incidents – while a further seven police and staff were wounded in shooting accidents, a quarter of the total. (London evening standard)


Fourth there is a possibility that there will be injuries, especially we are talking about the gun. But we must talk about the benefits not only the dark side we must respect the police they get shot in the training and injuries not only in training also in the times of the performance of his work ,all this to protect the citizens from criminals and gangsters, and all of these exercises in order to know how to use the gun to reduce the percentage of mistake . we must understand that the police sometimes have to use the gun when he feels he is in danger In this situation does not have more than a few seconds to thinking about shooting This is not enough for him to know that rightly or wrong.

Insecurity and the policeman turned to be Killer. Amnesty International monitored media reports of police killings in Jamaica in 2001 and 2002. The print media reported 68 people in 47 separate cases killed by the police. In 44 of these cases, the police reported that the person fatally shot had fired on the police first. But only in six cases were police officers hit by gunfire, and no police officer was killed. In 19 of the cases, the media reported witness statements that contradicted the police version of events. (control arms), In this case the officials must stop this and protect the citizens because in this situation, the policeman became a criminal.

Finally it’s Important for the police officers to carry a gun to protect the citizens from criminals and gangsters to control the situation must be more powerful to stop the criminals and gangsters, and eliminate the gangsters and criminals except if the police turned into a criminal and harming citizens In the end, I hope that all can live in safety and peace.


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