Poaching In Parks


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Poaching is one of the major problem facing parks in the world. Poaching is illegal taking of animal and plants in contrary to the local and international laws that are geared towards conservation and management of animals and plants.  This means that poaching is considered a crime because it involves violation of laws and regulations. With wild animals and plants becoming endangered, poaching is mainly taken as an illegal economic activity because poachers fetch high fees for their poached animals and plant species. In the United States, animals and plants are protected under the law in Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (Glover, 1997).  However, these laws have been violated most of the time by poachers. Most species have been listed as endangered in the world and poaching is likely to wipe these endangered species from the world. There are different reasons why poachers encourage on national parks the main reason being the high price fetched on these products.