plastic surgery and aging


I want you to write the same as the one you did before, same system, i have put questions, underneath it points that i want you to talk about, and there are some qoutes underneath points, please include it , also i’ve listed some links, i want you to have some sources from them, to support ideas.


The only permanent thing in life is change.   That was a something that my grandmother told me one evening when we were having a conversation about how the definition of beauty has changed. Accepting that one cannot fight but learn how to live with it, my grandmother advised me against taking up every modernity practice blindly. Giving an example of   the change in the definition of beauty, I could easily hear the melancholy in her voice when she told me how traditionally beauty was not defined by the facial appearance but by the whole person.  She advised me against doing what most women are doing in the name of beauty.  That is when I got interested in the issue of plastic surgery because although my grandmother did not mention it that evening, it is one of the practices defining contemporary beauty. Plastic surgery could be what my grandmother was referring to when she told me who old women could hide their wrinkles and appear young again.