plant insect and mammalian, confocal


Instruction for practical 1&2 and practical 3,4,5&6


1) Introduction

2) Aims of the Project

3) Materials and Methods

3.1Practical 1-

3.2 Practical 2-


This part of the section would mainly discuss the deviations followed to the experimental protocol. The experiments were done in parts on different days and therefore to systematically represent the deviations which are illustrated as separate experiments below:

4.1)Practical -1:

There were no deviations in the experimental protocol given for the plant tissue and organ culture.

Practical -2:

The experimental protocol for mammalian and insect cellculture however had some deviations mainly in step C for the protocol for mouse fibroblasts (3T3). In the protocol for mouse fibroblasts (3T3)the centrifuge used was at 3000 rpmfor 15 minutes instead of 3500 rpm for 10 min(as in experimental protocol).


5)Results and Interpretations

5.1Practical 1-

5.2Practical 2 –


For each practical. Then make it as one part.




This is the normal format of practical report, but we need to ADD the answers for the following question:

1)For practical one and two:

Your laboratory diary record of notes and results during the session            20%

A description of the techniques, media and apparatus used including consideration of good practice (safety and sterile technique) in a plant tissue culture unit            40%


2)For practical 3+4+5+6:

Your laboratory diary record of notes and results during the session            20%

A description of the methods used                                                                 40%


3)The prof said that:

‘We Looking for the following:

experimental aims

methods and deviations from these

results presented logically, clearly and accurately (the above comment about a scientific paper is to emphasis the clear, logical, concise manner of presentation)

Interpretations and conclusions from your results (again brief concise and targeted e.g. John suggests sticking in your immunofluorescence image and writing about ½ a page including the mode of action of colchicine’.





In the Organogenesis (growth square experiment), tobacco leaves were supplied. In addition, 25 Petri dishes of M&S medium, 3% sucrose, kinetin and varying rations of auxin (IAA) were also provided as shown in the table below.