The task need to write a research proposal(2000words):

The title of my dissertation is “innovation design of environmental protection”,and my major called “innovation design”。Direction of the dissertation should be on how to lead designers’ design thinking designing products of protecting environment.


The file named”Innovative Designs of Environmental Protection”is a draft of another article,but the method and the data are similar with this proposal. So ,you can learn from it.

The structure of the proposal are in the file named “dissertationproposal Module Handbook” ,please read carefully!


There is no doubt that our environment is constantly changing. This is a fact that cannot be denied. As the environment changes, there have been concerted efforts to solve the environmental challenges but these strategies are not working. For example, one of the most comprehensive global agreements, the Kyoto Protocol, was primed to solve environmental issues but it flopped because of lack of political will and economic greed. The continued influx of natural disasters, global warming, erratic weather patterns, and many more reminds of the world of the need to make take urgent actions to review our approach to environmental protection.

Currently, the world is facing more than fifteen major environmental problems.  Pollution of air, water, and soil will require years to recoup. The continued reliance on gasoline fuelled motor machinery, nitrates, plastics and other are toxins that have choked our environment.The accumulation of these toxins in the environment leads to acid rain while environmental pollution makes clean drinking water a problem. Our methods of waste disposal are wanting and we continue to chock important resources like rivers.