15LLP003 – Reflection & Action 

Assessment 2 (Part A): Summative Assessment 60% of the module

You are required to present a 2,000 word report, which reports, analyses and discusses a pilot study of the research method. The research method you choose to pilot will relate to the research you are undertaken during the Dissertation module.

Submission requirement:
A research method pilot study report (2,000 words , typed)

Suggested Table of Contents:

Extended Introduction (500 words)
Please include relevant primary research literature with citations.
An extended introduction includes literature review, but is not as extensive.  Extended introduction should:

1. Establish context of your study by introducing your overall research.

2. Describe the method you aim to study and develop justification for this chosen method.

3. State the purpose of the study in the form of the question or problem you are investigating.

Question asked in Extended Introduction Section: What am I studying? Why is it an important question for me? What do I know before I am starting the study?
Methodology (450 words)

Please include relevant primary research literature with citations. Use tables and figures where necessary.

An explanation of how you carried out the study. Methodology should:

1. Identify what are you trying to achieve with this pilot study? (there are various reasons to carry out a pilot study)

2. Describe and justify your research design (scope of study, participants, ethics)

3. Data collection method (how did you collect data when you tested your research method?)

4. Data analysis method (how did you analyse the data that you are presenting back? Ex. Used thematic analysis)

Results (300 words)

Use tables and figures as well as Appendices where necessary.

Objectively present your results after you conducted the pilot study.
1. What are the findings from carrying out a research method pilot study?
2. What are the evidences?
Discussion (500 words)
Please include relevant primary research literature with citations
Discuss the use of the method in relation to your research and wider literature. Discussion needs to relate to the research objectives you set out at the start of the pilot study as well as evaluate the findings in relation to the literature.
Conclusion and Future Work (200 words) Identify how the pilot study will influence your future work in the Dissertation module.


There are 2 Submission deadlines:

Draft submission for Formative Assessment: Week 9, 4th of May, 2016
Final submission for Summative Assessment: Week 12, 20th of May, 2016

A zero mark will be obtained for non-submission. Coursework extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

At the front of your Report you MUST include your full name with the following text: Your full name, Loughborough University, 15LLP003, Assignment 2 (A)



The environment is today a major social concern because signs show a depressing state of the environment. The evident signs of global warming, like extremeweather, rise in seal level, melting of glaciers, and many others are points to the urgency of finding a lasting solution to the environmental problems facing the word (Ruddiman, 2005). With the evident signs of climate change pointing to  a major environmental problem, the main concern is the impact the changing environment will have on survival of different species  on earth.  Agreements, protocols, and endless global meetings have not found a suitable solution, which means there is a need to find solution in other ways like technology (US NRC, 2008). Therefore, the environment remains a major challenge to the word today, a problem that needs concerted efforts.   The main challenge in finding solution to the environment problems facing the world is focusing on macro-strategies instead of encouraging micro-strategies at individual level. One of the strategies that can help create micro-strategies is innovative technologies that can apply at the individual level.  This study explored the innovative designs that mitigate environmental degradation and sustain protection.