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On 18th August 1989, there was one of the disputes of all the time in the Australian airline. The Australian Federation of Air pilots (AFAP) mobilized all its members and embarked on a rigorous campaign which was aimed at supporting a call for 29.47% increase in their salary.  It is estimated that the dispute cost billions of dollars and had direct effect of loss of jobs and poor performance of businesses in the country. The dispute brought about a recession of the economy for more that two year which means it had an effect on most sectors of the economy. But up to date, there are a number of question that remain unanswered about the strike. For example, it is observe that despite the salary claims being met, more than 80% of all the pilots did not return to work and hence there are still question of what was the agenda behind the strike and what effects did it have on the airline safety and the professional of airline pilot in Australia. (Smith, 1990; Fusco andFuess, 1991; Martin, 1992)