philosophy essay | Against the Moral Argument


(1) Against the Moral Argument. State and explain Craig’s moral argument for the
existence of God, and show that his argument fails. Defend your response against likely


Craig in Moral Argument for God, claims that God required as a symbol to offer coherent and ontological basis for moral values and objectives to exist (Dreier 13).  Craig argues that the existence of a supreme God helps in establishment and existence of moral laws. The basic motivation of this argument is that were it not that God exists, there would never be morality. My aim in this paper is show that Craig’s argument that the existence of God is the reason we have morality fails. In this paper, I will explain what moral argument is and explain in details using various premises. In the second part I will provide a criticism of the aspect of moral argument and explain why I am against the doctrine. Lastly, I will present the possible objections that my criticism may attract.