Pets insurance in the united states


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Insurance has been in human domain for many centuries dating back to human civilization and the growth of commerce. This concept has been adequately adopted in the business world, whereby it is aimed at offering protection against various risks which may impact on people or their businesses. Alongside the insurance of businesses and people, the issue of animal insurance has also been a common phenomenon. This is however commonly evident in developed nations as compared to developing nations. In particular, pet insurance has been a common phenomenon in the European nations and more specifically in the UK. This is commonly aimed at protecting the pets from various risks like diseases among other disasters. Pet health insurance has been widely adopted to cater for veterinary costs incase a pet gets ill or is injured in an accident. In other cases, pet insurance also caters for cases when a pet dies or is stolen. This is attributed to the high value attributed to pets in the developed nations. In the case of the US, pet insurance has been an overwhelming phenomenon in recent days. In this case, the issue of pet insurance in the US has been in a rapid increase thus enhancing its popularity. This paper will provide an in-depth-exploration and analysis on the issues of pet insurance in the US.