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For the past 5 years I have been experiencing many problems which are related to my weight. I have just found out that a walk of less than on kilometer leaves me panting for my breath. I have also been diagnosed with high blood pressure but this it has been coming on and off. (Kelly, 1979)

The medial consultation that I have gone through shows that am at risk of developing other problems which are related to overweight. I have ad my blood sugar test and results show an increasing risk of developing type II diabetes.  I have also been warned of possible development of other conditions like hypertension and cardiovascular disease, gall bladder disease, arthritis and other forms of psychological disturbances.

There have been many risk factors which have contributed to my current status. I have a family history of overweight as both of my parents were overweight and my father died of diabetes complications. I have also noted that my dietary pattern has lately contributed to the problem.  Therefore these have been the two main problems which have contributed to the development of the problem.