Personal reflections on the dissertation process


As the writer U2731 did my dissertation (order no: 2810343), I would like him to write a 2 pages personal reflections on the dissertation process and experience. This should be a maximum of two to three pages (750 words) and the specific learning reflections are to be categorized as follows:
A summary the key learning that you have derived from each stage of completing the dissertation commencing with
topic selection;
What you would do differently; and
How you will use the learning and skills that you have derived and developed in the future.
This statement of personal learning will be assessed on a pass-fail basis.


Writing a dissertation is a serious undertaking for any post graduate student. According to Swetnam  (58) the dissertation is actually the galvanization of skills and experiences of many years of learning and therefore it can be considered as the best academic  piece to show not only the masterly skills of the student but also  their commitment to their education. In other words, I have learned that  writing a dissertation is not all about putting together a piece that reflect the academic prowess of a student but also other important life skills like patience, working with others, group work, and others.

Writing my dissertation has been more like a journey.  It is a process that starts with the initial step of being allocated a supervisor.  Just like any other journey, there are ups and down in the process. The ups comes when one convinces the supervisor  that he or she has achieved what the supervisor expected and the downturn is when the supervisor  returns the work to be redone.  According to Single (73) this is a recipe that makes the dissertation grill, the best any postgraduate student can get.