Personal Jurisdiction Module


The professor gave us 3 articles. After read these articles, we need to answer 2 questions. I think one question for each page is enough. The two questions are on in the end "Question" file.


Legal interpretation of Personal jurisdiction is the power of a court to determine a case of state residents on civil matters. In America courts of states are obliged to litigate cases of civil nature involving properties owned by citizens of that state. In that connection as a lawyer one has to make sure that actually the court that he or she has filed a suit has personal jurisdiction against defendant to avoid reversing of judgment on grounds of personal jurisdiction. This is because if the state that a case if filed has personal jurisdiction over the defendant then all other factors held constant the judgment will be respected, enforced and given full credit by every other state in the union.  In the case of Mav photo Inc versus brand and Mandell technologies. Where the defendant is an Ohio based company and the plaintiff is a Miami based company it is not possible for may photo Inc to sue brand and Mandell in Miami. Suing Ohio Company in Miami would breach the principle of personal jurisdiction. Miami based company which is the plaintiff has to respect the fact that Ohio as a state has equal rights with Miami of regulating properties of the citizens of its territory.