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My interest in this field was invoked three years ago. I was a junior in college and my basketball career of 15 years has just come to an end after being diagnosed with joint problem, a condition they referred to as chondra malacia patella. Sited in my college dorm room, I decided to explore life outside basketball and turned to listening to music. A Lauryn Hill song began to play. I decided to surf the internet and found myself on the popular video sharing site, YouTube. Here, I found myself glued to the computer for some hours as I searched for several Lauryn Hill songs.  The following morning, I went to Guitar Center for the very first time and found myself inside a music supply store for the first time in my life, at the age of 21. Looked around bought a Yamaha guitar and left the store with the first piece to my new found passion for music. People would even discourage me from pursuing a career in this field saying that it lacked the stability and it was of an unpromising nature. But I said to myself, this is something I must do. And I carried on with my passion to pursue a Masters in the Music Business.