Peeping Tom? How does the film encourage this identification? Give an example from the film that supports your answer | WEEK 2 – Nosferatu 1. Choose a scene from Nosferatu and describe the mise-­‐en-­‐ scène | WEEK 3 – Modern Times 1. Define synchronous and asynchronous sound. Are there any instances of these in Modern Times? | WEEK 4 – Bicycle Thieves 1. How does Bicycle Thieves embody the ideals of Italian Neorealism? Your answer should consider numerous formal and stylistic elements of the film.


Week 1

  1. What elements make up a film, a screen text, as a formal system?

There are different elements that make up a film. From the class readings, a film can be defined as an intertwined medium, which is comprised of more than one elements working in synergy to create an experience for the audience (Loreck & Rizzo, 2017). There are two….


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Week 2 Questions

Week 3 Questions

Week 4 Questions