Paul’s wager – God Exists


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(1) Pascal’s Wager Critically assess Pascal’s argument that we should
believe in God. If you accept the argument, defend it against likely
objection. If you reject the argument, defend your criticism against
likely objections.


Paul’swager’s argument on the existence of God is not based on the appeal to evidence that God really exists, but a appeal to self-interest. The basic tenant of his argument is that it is in our best interest to believe that God exists and believe in Him and it rational to do so (Pascal 231).  In addition, Wager’s claim of human being’s self-interest to believe in God is mainly supported by a consideration of the potential consequences from believing on the contrary.  There are benefits for believing in the existence of God and not believing. In this paper, I intend to support Wagers argument that it is in the best interest of the human beings to believe in the existence of God because in do so they will have lost nothing and gained more by being rewarded with a infinite life in heaven in three sections. In section 1, I will present the main tenets of Wagers argument. In section 2, I will provide main criticism of this argument. Lastly, I will provide rebuttal for these criticisms.