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As the conflict between science, nature, and ethical issues increase, a new twist has been added to this conflict with scientific discovery which shows that parents can now choose the sex of their child. A report released by house committee in 2005 showed that the parliamentary committee had given light to parents be allowed to choose the sex of their child (Hawkes, 2005). MPs argued that there has been great discontent in families regarding the sex of their children and allowing parents to choose the sex of their children will play an important role to help parents balance their families. However, it is widely believed that the House of Commons Science and Technology committee had disagreed on the issue and half of the committee members disagree with this decision owing to ethical issues.  Although the committee argued that the technology has been proved to be safe, effective, and reliable, there are ethical and social issues which could be great impediments to its implementation. Either, the implementation of this policy is likely to results to social chaos rather than achieve family balance as has been argued by the committee.  This is against nature and turns children to consumer items. It could give place for gender stereotypes and it’s also against moral and ethical issues in the society. Despite gaining support from MPs, the policy should not be implemented and hence parents should not be allowed to choose the sex of their children.