Pan Pipes


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Music is part and parcel of life. Many communities have had instruments to help them play music and one of them is the pan pipe. Pan Pipe is a musical instrument which is sometimes referred to as pan flute.  It is one of the ancient musical instruments which use the underlying principle of closed tube. It consists of more than five pipes which have gradual increased length.  It is commonly known as a folk instrument. It is also the first mouth organ in the world history of musical instruments.  It is associated with the Greek god, “Pan”.  Syrinx is another term used to refer to pan pipe which is based from the mythology of Greek. They are mostly made from bamboo or sometimes giant cane. In singular syrinx changes are made to syringes and this is where the current syringes derive their names from. The pipes are singular and plural. This article looks into the history as well as the physic laws of sound in pan pipes.