outline and annotated bibliography


An annotated bibliography of at least five references and a outline for your Final Paper. The outline might include areas such as why the topic is important, contemporary practices, recent research findings, examples of how the issue is being addressed by specific organizations, and your recommendations for HR professionals. At least one of your articles must be on an empirical study published in a academic (or peer-reviewed or refereed) journal.


Coaching and mentoring has become a very imperative topic in human resource management because it helps employees improve their performances and achieve personal and organizational goals. Organizations undertaking coaching and mentoring practices save a lot of their profits as employees are effectively trained to perform efficiently. Coaching and mentoring practices helps in reducing costs of operations and wastes in organizations.

Currently, organizations are conducting practices like offering their employees with wise words concerning their behaviours as a way of educating them on the best ways to improve their performances. Motivating employees in their performance is another contemporary practice involved in coaching and mentoring. Managers ensure that they focus on employee performance by creating conducive working and learning environments. Through coaching and mentoring it has become very easy for organizations to change their organizational cultures for the better.