Organizational Learning


Instructions for the paper:


All these instructions are flexible and can be discussed. Its just to provide you with some sort of idea on what direction this paper should go.



Introduction (2 pages)

Theory (15 pages)

Method (5 [pages)

Results (15 pages)

Discussion (10 pages)

Conclusion (3 pages)


The paper’s title is: Organizational Learning.


I have attached the main article: Crossan et al 1999 on which the thesis could be built on.

The initial idea was to built up the theory based on Crossan – on what is organizational learning – and to add a practical element, such as my volonteering experience. How do small volunteering organizations learn?

I have volunteered at a learning site for a Junior Youth Empowerment Programm that has been offered by the Bahai Community. I have added a draft of a description of the Baha’i Faith as well as the Junior Youth Empowerment Programm.


So maybe one could structure the paper as follow:


  1. How do organizations learn?
  • Theory (based on different articles)

Main document:

-Crossan et al, etc.




  1. Comparison of the above theory of organizational learning with volunteering organizations:
    • The Junior youth empowerment programm
    • Application of the theory
    • Interviews (you will be provided with these)
    • Result



Do you think it would be possible to do it this way? Or do you think it is better to keep it at a general level – detached from me?

I am happy to hear suggestions if you have a better idea.


I have also added a few other articles that I have found during my research.

There is also a book from SENGE. I have the book and the audio-book. Yet, i haven’t found the e-book yet.


I am not sure how much more or what instructions you need.


Thank you for you assistance. You are saving my life!


The business environment is changing fast affecting both small and large businesses.  Different factors, including political upheavals, have led to economic and social stability have deteriorated business environment.  The business environment has changed and important values like honesty have been forgotten and corruptions have become the order of the day.  This change in business environment has brought about major changes in organization culture. Organization culture is the force that drives business and change in organization culture must change with changes happening in contemporary business (Argyris & Schon, 1978).   Although larger organizations find it easier to adapt to these changes, small organizations find it hard keep up with these changes because of limited resources at their disposal. Therefore, for small organizations, less costly avenues like organization learning become a pillar in organization renewal.