Organizational change and development


i have attached 7 journal articles and i need 3 more academic references.

In this research paper you have to write 1200 words

There are two main questions, which are:

1. What can organizations do to lessen their impact on the environment? How can understanding about the way change occurs in organizations assist this? Discuss.
2. There is no one best way to make change in an organization. How does this inform your understanding of organizational change towards greater sustainability? Discuss

Please select one of these questions and you have to discuss at least on change model or compare two change model approaches

When you do the referencing please follow my Victoria university Referencing guide which I have attached. I don’t want to repeat this and request a revision.
And secondly please read the file with name marking guide and research question this file has all the details of literature review.
At the end basically you select one question or statement for the two, you use 7 journal and 3 from your own related to the topic. Only use your personal opinion in introduction and conclusion. I need full theory in the body from the journals.


Organizations experience changes from time to time. This is because organizations exist in a dynamic environment. Organizations exist in an environment that   is impacted by different forces. A successful organization is one which is able to manage the changes taking place in its environment and successfully adapt to these changes. Organization change is therefore necessary to survive in a dynamic business environment. There is no any best way   to make changes in an organization. The best way to manage change in an organization is that which facilitate strategizing and implementation of appropriate change.  However, through the concept of organization development, organizations are able to manage change in the internal or external environment.  With this understanding in mind, organizations have to make use of the best available strategy to implement change for long term sustainability.