Organizational Case Study | Personality

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Personality questionnaires


Each individual has their own personality or characters which define how they think, feel as well as behave. Personality has a huge impact on almost every aspect of a person’s performance in their personal lives and in the job jobs (Van Daal, Donche and De Maeyer, 2014). How an individual reacts to various happenings in their work place is determined by their personality. While most of the organizations insist on skills and expertise, it is imperative for a manger to know an employee’s personality traits and ensure that the employee is given duties that fit their personal traits and characteristics for enhanced performance. Personality is important in enhanced productivity and job satisfaction. This essay looks at various aspects in the literatures regarding personality in the workplace. A self assessment test will be undertaken and the results discussed. The knowledge gained about personality will be applied in answering questions from a case study.