Organizational Analysis


1. PRESENTATION (20%): Produce a 5 minute audio-visual presentation on one of the topics listed
in the categories below.
x Each group member is required to be present during the presentation and respond to
questions at the conclusion of the presentation.
2. GROUP PRESENTATION SUBMISSION (20%): Develop a statement showing
x a summary of key ideas in the presentation;
x a summary (annotation) of the key ideas used from each reference that were used in
developing the content of the presentation;
x a discussion of the key implications from your presentation for managers in contemporary
Category 1: Human Perspectives of Management:
x Managerial communication: Managing communication in diverse groups
x The managerial environment: Managing socially responsible and ethical behaviour in a
global society

Category 2: Organisational Perspectives of Management

x Managing strategically
x Organisational analysis
x Managing creativity, innovation and design
Category 2: International perspectives of management.

x Future trends


Organizational analysis mainly reviews the development, work environment, personnel, and the operations of a business organization (Kogetsidis, 2011).  This review can be carried out because of a crisis faced by the organization or in the course of planning for the future of the organization. Organization analysis is a scientific management engagement that involves use of different methodologies that helps in understanding the organization better.  The main focus is usually on the structure and design of the organization, including the organizational system and how it works.  An effective organizational analysis must perceive the organization as a system, or an integrated system composed of different parts working in tandem with each other (Kogetsidis, 2011)). There are different models that are used in organizational analysis and the model of choice depends on the preferences and the reasons why the analysis is being done.