Organisational Behaviour | LEADERSHIP


Written Assignment – Leadership and Organisational Culture (Organisational Behaviour)
The Written Assignment requires you to research a topic by reviewing the relevant literature and then analysing a perspective and/or arguing a point. You are required to read widely and think critically and reflectively.
The Assignment Question/Topic is:-
What is leadership and why does it matter in business? Critically discuss how leadership can be used to shape organisational culture in organisations.
Note:- Your report is to be written in a scholarly style (citing a minimum of eighteen (18) scholarly references). When writing your report, consider:
•The major organisational behaviour concepts and theories relating to the topic;
•Your ability to develop alternative explanations for organisational problems and;
•The way you construct a logical and informed argument.
The word limit for the report is 2000 words.
For further details regarding the Assignment, please refer to the Marking Rubic/Marking Guide.
The report will be submitted to Turnitin on Blackboard. Please ensure that your name, student ID and Lecturer’s name are all included on the front page of your Report.
You are required to follow the Chicago Author-Date 16th edition referencing style. Please consult the Chicago Manual of Style Online (16th ed. ) via the Library Catalogue and Curtin University’s booklet for students entitled Academic Integrity: Student Guidelines for Avoiding Plagiarism (available from


Think of a herd of sheep grazing in the field, most probably moorland. The sheep act with the group mentality and can wander off to any direction in the field. However, this may not be the case if there is a herder who is directing the flock. The herder will ensure that the herd is guided to only areas where the green is grass. The herder will also ensure that any ship that goes the direction of the cliff is turned back before it tips over. This case example is the same with human beings. When left without someone to guide them, people wander off in different directions as they like. The result is chaos because everyone does what they like. Think practically about an organization, even in a home.