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I need you write an op-ed on the topic which is about " Obesity" is threat to global health and it should be addressed properly. Drinks that contain a lot of sugar are not good to most people due the calories they impart to consumers. If people are not active but rather sedentary,
the excess calories are converted to fat. Obesity is linked to diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and so forth. Thus, deliberate attempt should be made to educate consumers on dangers of overconsumption of sugary drinks.

** create the Op-Ed for your Online Media Center the topic is Obesity " make sure to use own words.
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Obesity is threat to global health and it should be addressed properly

John F. Kennedy after his election in 1960 declared physical fitness a principle of his presidency. In his article called the Soft American the president, urged the communities to make it possible for the young boys and girls to be actively involved in the physical life, and the mature generation will be concerned with their health. Fifty four years later, we can comfortably say that if Kennedy was alive he would be dismayed by the increased weight of the American people.