Online Consumer Purchase Decision Making


Consumer Behaviour MK201A Assessment 1 Part A Forum Post week 3
 Visit a website for a major retailer ( e.g. Harvey Norman, Myer etc)
 Identify the services and processes available through the website that are designed to help
consumer decision making.
 For each of those services/processes:
1. Identify the consumer decision making process step to which it relates.
2. Explain how it helps and the benefit of the service to the consumer.
3. Identify the benefit to the retailer in providing this service.
 Overall, how effective are the services in helping the consumer?
 Maximum – 750 words – tables OK
 Don't repeat the questions Q & A style in your post. Standard narrative required.
 Copy your report into the actual forum page – not an attached document.
 Comment on the content and conclusions of the reports from two other students.


With more customers preferring to shop online compared to brick and mortar stores, online shops are becoming more concerning with making websites with enough interactive features to help customers make their purchase decision. This study evaluates, one of the leading online clothing stores in Australia, in realms of how it has interrogated interactive decision aids for its customers.