Oil spills and the effects on the ecosystem


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The aim of this speech is to inform you of the effects of oil spills on the environment.  With oil spills now becoming a common environmental disaster in the world, it is important to inform the general public about the dangers that are associated with oil spills to the environment to make the proactive to mitigation of these effects in order to preserve the environment.  At the end of the presentation, I hope you will have understood the negative effects of oil spills on the ecosystem and what you do to deal with these negative impacts. I want us to move step by step with you as we explore this issues that is of pertinent importance in you life.  Being guardians of the ecosystem and being major consumers of oil industry products, you are a stakeholder and therefore the issues directly relates to your life.  I will present information from well researched sources including studies that have been carried out in different parts of the world, so there are all reasons why you should believe me.  My goal today is to inform you about oil spills and their effects on the ecosystem. To do this, I will explain in details how oil spills affects the ecosystem and how this affects you in return.  Let us go directly to my first point, how oil spills affect the ecosystem.