Occupational health and safety


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Online HRES 2303-Reflective Paper Assignment Two


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The key to a productive and successful organization depends on the culture that is founded with strong, broad share of beliefs and ideas that are appropriately supported by a business strategy and organizational structure. Having a work experience of more than four years working with CYA Technical services as Occupational Health and Safety Specialist where I was responsible for investigating and making recommendations concerning all facilities incidents reports, and more importantly, I ensured compliance of all health and safety programs with OSHA rules and requirements were followed. Therefore, I will use my experience in this paper to highlight the importance of health and safety process within the organization as an organization has been left behind in matters to do with the overall culture of the business. The organizations lack an understanding of the importance of safety and health and therefore I would aim at inspiring the organization mission of achieving a culture that values its health and safety of its operations. The business vision is to be among the best businesses that have all its operations taken care of which thus will enable it to have a new look in the market.