identify 3–5 organizations that might potentially be appropriate to address the issue you identified. Research these organizations. In particular, examine the mission statement, goals, and objectives of each organization. For your initial post in this assignment, select two of the organizations you identified, and for each: • Explain how you think the mission statement, goals, and objectives appear to relate (or to not relate) to the community that the organization serves. • If you see problems or discrepancies, describe what changes, if any, you would suggest to the mission statements, goals, or objectives. Explain why you would make these changes. • If you believe the mission statement, goal and objectives are well aligned, explain the logic you see in the alignment, and provide an example of how the organization carries out that alignment.

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There are various companies that are working on tackling obesity so that obese people can feel like part of the communities that they live in. some of these companies include Zafgen, Big John Products, Oversize Solutions, Goliath caskets, and Amplestuff. The companies that stood out in their elaboration of the tasks that they undertake in relation to obesity are Zafgen and Big John Products. This is because when it comes to Big John Products the main goal is “meeting the needs”. That goal together with its objective, mission statement further goes to imply that all the requirements that a customer may need they would only need to make a special order and their desires would be fulfilled.