Nursing | Annotated Bibliography: Ethics and Moral Judgment


Instructions to candidates:
1. Follow the guidelines for assignment writing as indicated in your Learner Information
Booklet, including title page, introduction, conclusion and bibliography (on a separate
page). Remember to number your pages.
2. Present your answers using the given subsections.
3. Assessments are to be submitted by the due date. Penalties will be imposed according
to TAFENSW guidelines unless an extension has been granted prior to the submission
4. The article chosen need to be included with the submission of the assignment or the
web link can be provided
5. Email your work to the nominated teacher
6. ALWAYS keep a copy of your assessment submitted.


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The articles chosen addresses the ethical considerations that medics have to undergo in their day-to-day lives. The first addresses those decisions that a nurse undertakes in deciding whether to give a patient herbal and dietary supplements; while the second article addresses the difficulty of making ethical but yet moral decisions in life-threatening situations. An annotated bibliography is a brief descriptive and an evaluative paragraph of a cited book, document, or even an article (Baine, 2015). It aims at informing the reader of the accuracy, relevance, and quality of the cited source to the person reading it.