Nuclear Power Plants


The term paper based on a scenario invloving an industrial use of environmental problem involving radiation. The term paper shall consist of a cover page, table contents and a list of references. The term paper must be typed using Arial 12 point. The paper needs to include:
1. a clearly defined statement of the situation;
2. an analysis of the risks involved in the use of the radiation;
3. a presentation of several possible solutions to problem(graphs of statistics, pics, etc..);
4. selection of a single best solution based on feasibility and cost.

Structure, presentaion, and grammatical accuracy will be considered.


Radiations existed as long as the planet earth came into existence. However, with scientific discoveries, it can also be artificially created. Nuclear power forms one of the major power sources in various commercial, industrial and domestic applications. This is achieved through the natural radiation process of radio active metals like Uranium, Cesium and Plutonium among others. However, researches have found that nuclear reactions are associated with emission of some stray radiations like x-rays, Beta, Alpha and Gamma radiations. Among these radiations, various radioactive laboratory experiments proves that some small percentage of gamma rays normally penetrate the walls of reactors into the external environment. It then means that those individuals who work in nuclear power plants and the external environment are exposed to the penetrating rays. Depending on the duration of exposure, these rays are associated with certain health risks. On the other hand, if the power plant explodes, there would be significant amount of radioactive nuclear elements which would find their direct way into the environment. In this regard, the radiations or radio-active elements would get into human body either through open wounds, food, water or inhaled air thus causing a health risk. Therefore a number of radiation safety measures need to be adopted so that the workforce in the nuclear power plants, surrounding people, animals, plants  and the entire environment is protected from its effects. This would ensure that occupational health risks as well as environmental degradation and hazards, attributed to harmful radiations from the radio-active elements, would be highly reduced.