Nuclear Power as a Source of Clean Energy


Write a 3 page rough draft argument essay analyzing “Why Uranium is the New Green” by William Sweet and “No to Nukes” Editorial from the New York Times.You must provide a typewritten, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman 12 font paper. Write the paper in accordance with MLA standards. You are required to conduct research and provide at least two sources on a works cited page.


Global warming has increasingly become one of the most challenging effects of environmental pollution over the decades. It entails the presence of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which forms a layer that traps heat, leading to warming of the earth. As industries consume fossil fuels like coal and oil to meet their energy needs, and as inhabitants cut down and burn forests for charcoal, carbon continues to increase and accumulate in the atmosphere. Other practices such as waste management and agricultural activities also escalate the challenge through the release of other global warming gases like nitrogen oxide. The consequences of global warming include rapid changes in rainfall and snow patterns, increased droughts and extreme storms, change in plant and animal behavior and reduced lake ice cover (Panwar, Kaushik, and Kothari 1516).  The effects of global warming are far reaching and attempts have been made to curtail the runway problem. Nations across the world have tried to curb carbon emissions over the years, through putting in place various measures and incentives. Scientists and scholars alike have strived to come up with different solutions for the challenge. One of such scientists is William Sweet, who in his article, “Why Uranium is the New Green”, proposes an alternative energy production through nuclear plants showing that nuclear power can be a good and alternative source of clean energy helping to curb carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.