Novotel Sydney Rockford Darling Harbour


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In the recent past, the concept of sustainable operations has become one of the important yardsticks of organizational performance. This is elicited by the growing concern of the overexploitation of the resources in a way that threatens the ability of the future generation to benefit from the same resources. Sustainability principles posit that resources must be exploited in such a way that only needs to sustain the current operation and preserve the same resources for the future use (Bramwell and Lane, 2011). In other words, it is a concept that roots for ethical use of resources. Sustainability is envisioned in realms of economic, social-cultural, and environmental factors.  Sustainability is particularly important to the hospitality industry, especially for hotels like Novotel Sydney Rockford Darling Harbour. This study will explore the sustainability issues facing Novotel Sydney Rockford Darling Harbour. The study will explore the key economic, socio-cultural, and environmental issues and the challenges facing the hotel. It will also assess the operations of Novotel Sydney Rockford Darling Harbour against key criteria in the sustainability certification program.  Finally, the study will make recommendations on how the hotel can address operational challenges.