Novotel Hotel future Marketing Direction


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Novotel Hotel future Marketing Direction.

Novotel Hotel future Marketing Direction


Due to the increasing competition in the hospitality industry, novotel is bound to establishing the most efficient and effective marketing strategies. In modern days, business entities in the hospitality industry are adopting modern marketing strategies; whereby the Novotel hotel should not be exempted. Following extensive research and market analysis carried on the performance of the novotel it has been evident that novotel is facing stiff competition from Hyatt Regency Birmingham, City Inn Birmingham, and Jurys Inn Birmingham. This stiff competition has led to poor performance over the years. Unfortunately, it’s evident that novotel adopts old management and strategies for marketing. This aspect has led to its undesirable competitiveness in the market. From these facts, it’s not only beneficial but also mandatory for the Novotel to formulate and implement the best strategies for future marketing. This paper will discuss the aims and objectives of Novotel hotel future marketing direction (Allen, 2009).