Northwest Airlines


This week’s discussion concerns the video that can be viewed by pasting the following link in your browser: Labor’s Comeback: In-sourcing Work at Northwest Airlines. You will be prompted to enter your last name and 7-digit student ID# followed by "EWL." You will be directed to the first segment of the video. Watch each segment. Please post a response with your reaction to the video.

Video is through a secured link, but transcript of the video will be attached.

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This article generally talks about how the management relates to workers. The interview provides important insight into the changed landscape of the Machinist Union and the management at Northwest Airlines relationship.  There are different issues that are at the heart of this interview. First, the interview shows the power of unions. It shows how unions can organize employees into a formidable force that can engage with the management.  The formation of the machinist union brought the workers together to face management as a unity. Second, the issue of prudent management of how the union and the management relates on day to day basis comes to light.