North Lighting EMEA (European / Middle East / Africa) Expansion Strategy


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International business expansion is necessary for a developing business as it serves as a strategy that facilitates for development. For most businesses, global expansion is a strategy to access new markets and to compete effectively with competitors. The concept of expansion is generally the same for businesses but the marketing plan that is used by the business differs from one organization to another mainly due to different factors but principally, the geographic location of the targeted market (Rowley 2006: 12). Geographic location is crucial in business expansion because; it influences marketing of the products and services by influencing price, adverts, and distribution (Gould 2008: 3). According to Doole and Lowe (2008: 247), a company can choose to expand by developing and introducing new businesses to the market, or it can decide to expand by acquiring other businesses. The kind of expansion chosen by a business is influences by; Recognized opportunities’ potential and opportunity to innovate etc. and this can be achieved through SWOT analysis to determine whether it will expand to the international market or not (Frain 199: 413; Jolly 2010: 202). Market research is essential for a company planning for internationalization.