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The topic is:
Examine the nature, history, and impact of the British empire on the formation of the Arab Gulf States.

Please include footnotes and a bibliography.


British rule had been exercised in all part of the world and the Gulf region was not an exception. The Gulf region was an important sea passage route around the world. However, rampant cases of piracy threatened continued trade in the region and British felt that her interest in Asia, Africa and Europe were threatened. Therefore, the entry point of British in Gulf region was in effort to crush piracy and protect her trade routes. To achieve this, British made several agreements with local tribal leaders who were in a good position to end piracy. However, their inability forced British to make direct intercession to end piracy. With growing hostility between neighbors, some local leaders made agreement with British to be protected. With time, British had control of the region although her interest remained in ensuring there was smooth passage of ships to and from India and Europe. British presence in the region had both positive and negative impacts was will be explored in this study.  Through its activities in the gulf region, British empire influenced the way Gulf States were formed by supporting and protecting local leaders.