Nike Brand Personality


MK201A Consumer Behaviour
Assessment 1 Part B Week 9 – Forum discussion
Brand personality and the relationship with consumer perceptions, motivation, self-concept & social
Choose a well-known brand marketed in Australia
List that brand’s core personality characteristics
Identify the core consumer – key characteristics particularly psychographic & behavioural.
Identify and outline the influence/role of the brand’s personality on the consumer’s perception of
and relationship with the brand including:
 The consumer’s manifest & latent motivations for purchase & use of the brand.
 How the brand personality relates to the consumer’s self-concept.
 How group behaviour, lifecycle and/or social class might influence consumer purchase and
use of the brand.
Recommend one marketing activity, consistent with the brand personality that could strengthen the
consumer’s perceptions and relationship with the brand.
 Maximum – 750 words
 Provide a URL to the brand website.
 Do not describe the brand history
 Standard presentation format – headings, subheads, short sentence & bullet points
 Copy your report into the actual forum page – not an attached document.
 Comment on the content and conclusions of the reports from two other students.


One of the strategies that have helped Nike to stay on top of the sporting brands and cultivate a strong brand personality is associated with world class athletes (Kotler, Armstrong, Harris, & Piercy, 2013). The brand has been endorsed by leading athletes like LeBron James, Venus Williams, Tiger Woods, MichaelJordan, and many others. These are athletic idols that command a lot of admiration and respect the world over. The attributes of their personality, which is reflected in their performance, is associated with Nike as a brand considering the close association between the two.