new routes in the artic and expansion of panama canal


The paper is for a transportation management class. I need it to explain new routs in the Artic and the expansion of Panama Canal – please keep in mind it is with regards to ocean transportation and trade and how the new routes in the Artic and the expansion of the Panama Canal will effect the following issues:

Transportation Basics
Modal Considerations
Infrastructure and Equipment
Management Systems
Information Management and Technology
Managing in Disruptive Environments

Below questions must be answered within the paper:

1.What is this new paradigm?
2.How might it affect the existing transportation system?
3.What is the value of this new paradigm?
4.What are the significant issues that would need to be overcome if the new paradigm is to be implemented?


I. Routes.

1. New transport routes over the oceans/seas:

– Arctic route.

2. Significant improvements of the existing routes:

– Panama Canal – new locks

Do you have any ideas for non-ocean roads/routes improvements?

~please include the sources/bibliography also.



There is a new paradigm taking place in sea transport in the world. For the first time in the history of the world  new arctic route  passage has been made possible, thanks to global warming, and the Panama Canal is preparing to play a larger role on  world logistics after the United States government withdrew from its management.  The new paradigm in sea transport as marked by the increased intention of use of these two routes is embedded in the desire to use short cuts.   It is expected that by 2014, the current project to expand the Panama Canal will be completed and more shipment to the United States will be made through the canal.