News critique | The sources which published the news item


News Critique – 15%
News Critique counts for 15% of your overall mark and requires you to link theoretical concepts of the unit to current events
publicized in the business news media. Throughout the semester, each student will present a brief oral presentation
demonstrating how strategic management concepts and theories are applied in a real business context. Students will be
assigned one of the weekly topics in weeks 1 and 2. You will then find a current news item (released in the business media
within a two weeks window prior to your presentation date) that you can demonstrate how that week’s ‘strategy topic’ is
operationalized and applied in the business world. In your allocated week, your News Critique needs to be presented to the
class in the form of a very short oral presentation (5 minutes maximum), AND to your lecturer as an 800 word written
summary (typed,12 pt., Times New Roman, double spaced). A soft copy of your summary should be submitted via
Blackboard/Turnitin before the class when your assignment is due. You can select a business news item from anywhere in the
world as long as it is current news and has been published in the two weeks prior to your due date.
The following guidelines may assist you to think critically about your chosen topic and news item:
1. Which source or sources published the news item? A brief summary of the strategic event in focus (e.g. an acquisition
was announced or a new product was launched or a company is going through structural changes or a change of
leadership in a company was announced etc.).
2. How might the market respond to this situation in both the short term and in the long term? How would it affect certain
companies or markets?
3. How does the news item illustrate the topic assigned for your presentation?

Task Value % Date Due

Unit Learning

News Critique 15 percent Week: various – as
allocated in class.
Day: various – as
allocated in class.
Time: various – as
allocated in class.

Project 35 percent Week: presentation
seminar 8, 9, 10 ; report
30 October
Day: presentation
seminar 8, 9, 10 ; report
30 October
Time: Presentation – in
class, report – 1 pm WST

Final Examination 50 percent Week: Formal
examination period
Day: Refer to
examination timetable
Time: Refer to
examination timetable

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4. What can be learnt from the event? How does this event (a news item) contribute to a better understanding of the topic
assigned for your presentation?
5. How is this news linked to the previously studied topics in the course?
6. Can you predict the further development of the situation? What might happen next?
Marking criteria
Your mark for this assessment item will be based on both your oral presentation and the written report. The key marking
l Your ability to use the concepts and tools of strategic analysis in a competent fashion (e.g. illustrate selected concepts
of the assigned topic by applying it to the real world setting);
l Your ability to identify, access and appropriately report a business news media report;
l Evidence of thorough knowledge of the news item being reported;
l Evidence of preparation, professionalism, and presentation skills;
l The quality and adequacy of supporting materials ( e.g. visual aids etc.)
l You can have a poster or up to two power point slides to illustrate your news. This visual aid can be used to display
relevant illustrations such as a company’s logo, statistics, maps, photograph of a product etc.


The two articles highlight the unfair practices and treatment that Myer, a major retail outlet, is treating its subordinate employees through shady deals. The articles highlight the plight of the casual laborers in the country who are in most cases mistreated through subcontracting and outsourcing. The problem of shady subcontracting where workers are treated unfairly is rampant among the retailers and has been recurring in Myer (Rao, 2015). Myer shows the rot that is in the retail sector where various chains are exploiting the lowly ranked employees (McGrath, 2015).