New Approaches to Budget Allocation


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High education continues to play an important role in the development of the individual person and the success of the economy and the country as a whole. Higher education has continued to grow over the years in the United States attracting students from all over the world. American tertiary education sector continue to be the best in the world. However the thorny issue of funding for higher education has continuously undermined the success of all the initiatives which have been taken to address issue in higher education. Funding higher education in American remains one of the most controversial issues in the education sector with some calling for increased government funding while the government is feeling the pressure of the increased number of student attending higher education and the need to commit that money for the other levels of education.  As a result there has been increased funding from the private sector which has seen increased commercialization of higher education.  There is no other education level where the government has so well collaborated with the private sector than in the higher education level.