Negotiation plan | Broadside Mining Company Negotiation with Mort lake Council


Assessment Requirements
With your group member(s), plan how you intend to approach the Broadside Mining Company and Mortlake Shire Council negotiation.
You should address each of these issues in drafting your Negotiation Plan:
Which are the three most important issues for your group? Why?
Which overall strategy are you intending to adopt, ie distributive or integrative? Why?
Which specific strategy are you intending to adopt in relation to each issue? Why?
When will you use these strategies, ie which phases or in relation to which issues? Why?
Discuss some of the tactics you anticipate using and why.
Identify the issues where conflict is likely to arise and discuss how you intend resolving such conflict.

Task Description:
The assignment requires students to plan a negotiation which they will then negotiate in workshops in Week 6.
• What strategies will you use?
• What tactics will you use?
• Why did you choose these?
The choice of strategies, tactics and rationale must be linked to the relevant academic literature.
The assignment is due at 5.00pm on Thursday of Week 5. Please submit through Turnitin. Ensure you keep a receipt of your submission and
include your name, student ID number and correct tutor’s name.
Criteria & Marking:
Planning a negotiation exercise
• The negotiation plan may be organised and written as a report with headings(Strategies, tactics and rationale), diagrams and tables.
• Dot points may be used in the plan but all sentences must make sense.
• Minimum of 3 academic sources required (maximum 750 words excluding Reference List).
• Assignment must be typed in 12 point font, double spaced. Reasonable margins are also necessary.
Further details will be posted on Learning@Griffith.
Submission: Turnitin


There are different issues that are at the centre of this negotiation plan. For this group the following are the three key issues:

  • Air Quality: the company admits that the dust coming from the mines is an air polluter and irritable. Consequently, the company should negotiate to use techniques of water spraying and course gravel which have proven economical and effective in preventing air pollution but through cost sharing.
  • Water Quality: The Company commits itself to ensuring that no toxic discharges from the company shall be directed to Lake Simpson whether directly or through possible infiltrations from the tailing dams. It will also partner with Mortlake Shire Council in providing better water services to the Mortlake community as part of its corporate social responsibility, which means the company should pay half and the council caters for the other half in developing the new water source.