1.  The topic need to be more specific. Tutor said the topic need to concern on a issue, for our topic , it can concern on “negative impact of the social media on company performance “. It is not force us to change the topic as said by tutor.  But u have to make it concern on a issue.
Coz the topic revise, u need to revise other parts as well.
2. Reference number more than 9.
3. It need the conclusion part.
4. Word count control no more than 600words.
5. The photos we uploaded were some materials provided by tutor in classes. They are detail requirement of each part.  Especially, it helps to revise the issues problem of the topic.  Pay attention of the photos.
 see the attached


In the last couple of years, the world has witnessed tremendous growth and development of social media. Today, more than half of the world’s population is using various forms of social media platforms (Qualman, 2010). Social media has changed the way people interact and communicate (Safko, 2010). More than ever before, people are turning on social media for various forms of information as it is deemed fast and reliable. Organizations have taken advantage of the phenomenal growth and acceptance of social media and are using the different social media platforms for internal and external communication. Although there are different benefits that come with use of social media in an organization, there are different negative impacts that have led to the decline of organizational performance.