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Recreation and Leisure Services Program
Research Design and Evaluation

Needs Assessment Assignment


Needs Assessment: A systematic inquiry about needs, attitudes, behaviors and patterns of both participants and nonparticipants related to parks, recreation, and leisure services. (A Servant Leadership Approach, 2005)

Purpose of Assignment:
To successfully design an effective needs assessment, in order to develop new program for a specific population in the recreation and leisure services field.
You are responsible for the development of a comprehensive needs assessment to determine what program you will plan, design and implement (roller hockey) for your agency or organization. Your first step will be to decide what kind of recreation and leisure service agency or organization you work (Community services City of Guelph) for and what population are you providing programs for (adults). I am a supervisor for city owned rinks
Please include the following in your 6-10 page report: double spaced, fount 12
• Description of agency or organization.
• Description of target market (who you are serving).
• Whom did I involve in the process and why?
• What type of internal data did I collect?
• What type of external data did I collect?
• How did I distribute the survey and collect the data? Explain your choices.
• Develop a detailed Needs Assessment Survey (1-2 pages)
• Include users and non users for information
• Internal and external data
• Survey quantitative and qualitative



Needs Assessment Assignment
Evaluation Chart

Content Needs Work
*missing or
*incomplete Complete But…
*lacking in detail
*lacking in clarity Well Done
*clear, concise
*easy to understand
Description of Agency/Organization
Description of Target Market
Individuals Involved in Process
Internal Data Collected
External Data Collected
Distribution of Survey & Collection of Data
Needs Assessment Survey
-instructions, agency name, quality of questions, thank you, etc.
Reflection 5.7- Planning Sheet
-complete all areas of sheet
Professional Appearance
(spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc).

Planning Sheet for Needs Assessment Development
Guiding Questions Response



From Where?


Who will use the information
From Whom will you collect this data?


Recreation and leisure has become one of the most important industries in the modern world. As people goes through the hustle and bustle in their daily life, they need quiet place where they can relax doing what they like. Recreation and leisure is a fast growing industry. With the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases, recreation and leisure programs are becoming important in fighting these diseases since they keep people occupied and exercising. To have an effective recreation and leisure service program, there must be thorough research on the needs assessment of the any population to ensure that the program initiated meets the need of the target population.  For example a high energy demand program may be unsuitable for the elderly since they may not have the energy to participate in various activities in the program.  A need assessment therefore ensure that the recreation and leisure service programs fits the individual needs of the target population.