National Collegiate Athletic Association


he National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the dominant and most influential entity in inter-collegiate athletics. In a four- to five-page paper (excluding the title page and reference page), formatted according to appropriate APA style, complete a review and analysis of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In a narrative format, based on Chapters 13, 14, and 15 out of the course text and three scholarly sources, write an paper including:


Explanation of the NCAA organizational structure and governance.

Evaluation of the impact of the NCAA on the business of collegiate sports.

Analysis of the relationship between Federal Laws and the NCAA rules and standards of compliance

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The (NCAA) or National Collegiate Athletic Association has more than 125 committees which make up the whole organization where the management works on volunteers basis as long as they push the agenda of making the college athletes successful. Therefore, the NCAA works from all the levels which are constituted by the chairman at the top of the grass root committees that operate on each division. The committees that set up the nationwide body that is used to elect the national governing body that sets the mandate of the NCAA. The association-wide groups are made up by the associates of each of the divisions and subdivisions that make up the NCAA from division I are therefore the direct contributors of the issues that affect their region (Hums & MacLean, 2017). While the NCAA body of governors is responsible for making the policies and other important issues associated with the association the association-wide committees are responsible for directing the issues that should be tackled. Association-wide committees deal with issues that affect their divisions by managing the topics that affect the sports rules, safety and health measures, championships, opportunities that are designated for the minorities and the matters that impact women in athletics.  The national board of governors from NCAA only requires that the association-wide governing bodies to uphold the traditional core values that have been driving the NCAA which are fairness, safety, and equality for all athletics.