My trip


hey i want you to write a report about my trip to the Raymond M. Alf Museum on December 2 by using the picture I’m going to upload and explain it. then write five to ten page, double-spaced typewritten analysis: How well do the exhibits at this museum reflect the legacy of life? Include in this report a kinds of paleontological exhibits, the amount of space, and what types of paleoecological habitats are represented. and illustrate your report with five representative photos. Each photo should have a caption describing it. and here the link to help you more :-

please follow the step carefully and write it on 5 pages with 5 pictures each one need describing. I’m going to upload picture and my trip note’s.

i had a upload many picture you can choose from them and each picture has a explain too i had upload it and i had named each one so you can know each picture describing.


On Dec 2, 2015, I paid a visit to Raymond M. Alf Museum where I literary had a unique encounter with history. The trip was so exciting since I learnt and experienced more about space, time and the history of the beginning of the Earth. Through this visit, I got a glimpse of the first life and discovered the footprints of the most ancient terrestrial animals as well as first human beings. This paper is a detailed report of the visit to the museum, documenting its origin and how well the exhibits found in it reflect the legacy of life. The report also features some paleontological exhibits and describes the amount of space and the forms of paleoecological habitats that they represent by illustrating them with representative photos.