My Skills for US Pretrial Services Officer


two page statement indicating the knowledge, skills, and abilities
you believe you possess which will match the needs of the office and
the position. (US Pretrial Services Officer)


Pretrial services offices play a critical role in the criminal justice system in the United States. They are responsible for a number of investigative and procedural duties that are related to supervision of a criminal defendant who is awaiting a trial.  The main role of the pretrial officer is to assess whether thedefendant pose a threat not only to the self but also the others while awaiting the trial, and if the defendant is likely to appear for the trial on the due date.  Therefore, a pretrial officer is supposed to have skills to interview the defendant, consult widely with the police and other officials of the court, question family members and friends about the defendant, and carry out many other activities that will help them make an informed decision about the defendant.  The pretrial officer is also likely to be involved in investigation of the defendant’s ties with the community, their criminal record, financial disposition, flight risk, and otherrelationships that is likely to influence their trail.