My Clinical Counseling-related Program is Addictions Counseling. 

Your essay must be 5 pages in length and address each of the areas outlined below.
My Clinical Counseling-related Program is Addictions Counseling.

Required Essay Components: Keep each outline when writing the essay.

1. Rationale for seeking specialization in a clinical counseling-related program
This section must address:
• Your clear understanding of the clinical program area, with attention to licensure and the role of a licensed counselor.
• The clear link between the program you selected and your career goals.
Your substantive, carefully considered reasons for seeking a clinical graduate degree in counseling. (Beyond merely being a good listener or wanting to help others).
4. Self-awareness
This section must address:
• Life experiences that may have heightened your level of self-awareness, impacted your decision to apply to the program, and influenced your career goals.
• The characteristic ways in which you process life events and challenges, and how those ways have helped you develop strengths relevant to your chosen program area.

Your discussion of self-awareness should demonstrate emotional stability and readiness to undertake a graduate degree program in counseling.
2. Impact of previous employment, volunteer work, and other human service or counsling experiences
This section must address:
• Key experiences in your employment or volunteer work that influenced your decision to apply for the program.
• If you have no experience in human services, please identify specific ways you could gain related experience, such as volunteer work. Please use the second sentence on this paragraph because I have no experience.

3. Culturally relevant interpersonal skills
This section must address:
• Your ability, based on life experience, to relate interpersonally to individuals from different cultural contexts (e.g. age, 5. Future professional goals in counseling
This section must address:
• Your specific career goals and the licensure requirements you will need to achieve them.
• Since licensure requirements vary from state to state, be specific about the requirements in the state where you intend to practice. My practice state will be the state of Texas.

Your essay should reflect professional standards of clarity, tone, and grammar.
Disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc.) In both individual and small group settings.
•Your understanding of the importance of culturally relevant interpersonal skills in the role of a counselor, and at least 2 steps you plan to take to further the development of these skills.

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